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Gravel Road into the Forest
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Step into White Hill Mansion and discover a world of hauntings and mystery. Hear tales of White Hill's most famous hauntings with Amy Bruni's on Haunted Road and explore the secrets of the mansion. This episode is called,  "That Bathtub is Full of Blood".

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Public Ghost Hunts                      Private Ghost Hunts

Sat, Jun 10

Sat, Jun 24

Sat, Jul 22

Sat, Aug 12

Sat, Sep 16

Sat, Sep 30

Sat, Oct 21

Sat, Nov 4

Sat, Nov 18


White Hill offers private bookings for experienced teams of paranormal enthusiasts. 

Friday nights 7 pm to 12 am - $450

for up to 10 people

Saturday nights 7 pm - 2 am - $550

for up to 10 people

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