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He now began to take leave when I summoned up courage to tell him I was fearful the soldiers might come and pillage and distress me. He made for answer he knew Hessians had a very bad name. He hoped worse than then deserved; but all common soldiers where bad enough from under their officers eye, but, to prevent anything of the kind happening to me he would send in the evening a guard to my house. I thanked him and away he went. Agreeable to his promise in the evening sent a guard of 12 men who stayed until he came; brought with them his and the commanding officers compliments to me. This was Saturday night.  - 

Excerpt of a letter from Mary Field to her sister

White Hill, January 12 1777

Available in Adult sizes:

Small - XXX-Large

This coloring book is made possible through a grant from Burlington County. The book depicts the history of how White Hill Mansion evolved over the centuries. Includes pages of how the inside looks today.

This design was laser-etched onto slate, sourced from Pennsylvania quarries by Rob Stachowicz of Precision Creative.

White Hill was once called the Glenk's Mansion House Restaurant. Actual postcard reprinted from the original. 

These one of a kind coasters are the design of Kelly Lozito, Board Member of the Friends of White Hill Mansion, a non-profit dedicated to the restoration of this historic home in Fieldsboro, New Jersey.

Her design was laser etched onto slate, sourced from Pennsylvania quarries by Rob Stachowicz of Precision Creative, a veteran owned company out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Note: Add another picture with ruler showing size, And put in the weight of four set.

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